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Orsini Light

‘Orsini Lights’ are illuminated paintings on canvas, presented in lamp form. Passionate about design and applied arts, I enjoy exploring new materials and techniques. In 2009, I began pushing the boundaries of traditional painting and developed an original concept - the ‘Orsini Lights’ series. Turning my paintings into artist-made lamps, I successfully bring together fine art and functional design. Each ‘Orsini Lights’ features a unique painting.

Osso Buco

The Osso Buco range includes bracelets, earrings, brooches, pendants and rings. Mixing pigments into resin allows me to play with light, colours, movement and effects, in the same way as I do on a canvas.
The added dimension that appears when light shines through the ‘Osso Buco’ pieces follows the theme of transformation, which is at the core of all my artworks.
Each Osso Buco is individually crafted and unique.

OMA jewellery

The OMA jewellery is made of crocheted filled or silver-plated copper wire or, for a few rare items, of upcycled silver wire from selected double bass gut strings. The earring findings are made of sterling silver.
I first learnt to crochet as a child with my grand-mother, sitting in front of her house, overlooking a beautiful chain of mountains. Now, I like incorporating and extending these traditional lace-making techniques and textile structures into my artwork.


These paintings, drawings and sketches are on paper or on canvas.
Light, transparency and fluidity are major themes in my artworks, either through the medium I use, such as  coloured inks and watercolours, or through techniques and concepts.
I am largely inspired by the environment around me, in Australia and in France, but what really fascinates me is the way light transforms colours and forms.

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