Osso Buco

Mixing pigments into resin allows me to play with light, colours, movement and effects, in the same way as I do on a canvas.
The added dimension that appears when light shines through the ‘Osso Buco’ pieces follows the theme of transformation, which is at the core of all my artworks.
Osso Buco means ‘bone with a hole’ in Italian. I transferred the elegant shapes of these organic skeletal sections into translucent, wearable jewellery pieces. Initially designed to convey the essence of the ocean, Osso Buco has evolved to capture the wider wonders of nature with its light, textures and transparency; the wings of a cicada, the fragile petal of a flower, the swirls of a stream, the intricate patterns in wood.
The Osso Buco range now offers a selection of bracelets, bowls, earrings and rings.
Each Osso Buco is individually crafted and unique.

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