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Orsini Light_3 (box)

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‘Orsini Lights’ are illuminated paintings on canvas, presented in lamp form.

Dimensions: 50cm (height) X 30cm
Acrylic on canvas. LED light (max 18 watts). Wooden frame
240 volts, Australian plug
9-12 Volt DC
1.5 Amp power supply

Passionate about design and applied arts, I enjoy exploring new materials and techniques. In 2009, I began pushing the boundaries of traditional painting and developed an original concept - the ‘Orsini Lights’ series. Turning my paintings into artist-made lamps, I successfully bring together fine art and functional design. Every lamp is individually painted. It takes time and the result is often compared to stained-glass window. To make a lamp, I start by creating my painting on canvas, using acrylic paint. I superimpose various layers in an organic design, just like I do for a normal painting. But to create my lights, I have to approach the light and shades differently. I apply only thin layers of paint and leave gaps where I want the light to go through. When the painting is finished, I mount the canvas on specially-handmade wooden box with low energy light inside.

I like creating works with depth and complexity, which change when interacting with them. People say that they love the way the painting glows and is transformed when the light is on, allowing other features to appear. There is a sense of mystery and discovery at play.

Sought after by collectors and individuals in Australia and in Europe, each award-winning ‘Orsini Light’ features a unique painting.

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